ASIC for Cryptonight – Baikal Giant-N

The manufacturer of mining equipment Baikalminer has released the asik Baikal Giant-N, which is capable of mining the algorithm Cryptonight (Monero).

  • Algorithm: cryptonight / cryptonight-lite
  • Cryptonight Hashrate: 20000 H / s
  • Cryptonight-Lite Hashrate: 40000 H / s
  • Power supply: ATX Power (12v 6pin connector * 3)
  • Temperature: 0 to 40 ℃
  • Dimensions: 198 mm x 125 mm x 139 mm
  • Consumption 60 W
  • Delivery: 7 days after payment
  • Warranty: 45 days
  • Weight: 1800 gr
  • Price: 3600

This ASIC can replace 10 Vega 64 cards or 20-y 580 Radeon cards. Let’s look at the payback:


I’ll take 20 dollars to calculate since so much is the flagship crypto currency, we have 20 (income) * 30 (days) * 12 (months) = Total we have 7200 US dollars per year.

But here there are nuances, the network can grow and then the profitability can significantly reduced, which can happen in principle with any crypto currency.

And, the warranty period is very low – 45 days, a lot can happen, for example, GPU have 2 to 3 years.

However, the huge advantage is the power consumption of this device is 60 W, it’s very great, for comparison Vega consumes from 200 to 380 W.

What about mining of Monero and other coins on its algorithm?

At the moment, the Monero network consists of 894567000 hashes. Thus, to double it it is necessary 894567000/20000 = 44 728 asics.

If to summarize, then definitely soon it will not be profitable to run the algorithm Cryptonight, first on processors and weak cards, and then even to stronger ones will get. I think we have half a year maybe more.