Karbowanec: pool, software and its settings

Karbowanec (KRB)  – it is also a currency created based on the Cryptonight algorithm. Let’s now figure out how to sink this coin, but first look at its differences from other crypto-currencies, which are very similar to Monero and are:

  1. anonymity of payments without the possibility of their tracking;
  2. the speed of transactions that take place literally in a few minutes;
  3. Transactions go through a decentralized system without intermediaries;
  4. relatively small network commission;
  5. The system and the emission are not controlled by any central authority.

Now let’s see what it takes to clear this crypto currency:


To download a wallet for the beginning, go to the official site and click on the button “Завантажити”.

Then in the column “Графічний гаманець” select the appropriate wallet for your operating system.

The wallet itself supports several languages, you can change them by selecting the settings button and going to the tab “Мова “:

After that, restart the program which will now display the information in the desired language.

Now open the wallet and go to the “Receive” tab, there is the address of our wallet, which we will need when setting up the miners.


As in my opinion one of the best pools is pool.karbowanec.com, since it has almost a sixth of the capacity of the entire network, plus sometimes it shows a hashrate than it actually is.

And it does not need to register, which is also a big plus.

Under this pool, we will configure the miner.

Soft and configuration.

This coin like Sumokoin can be mined both on the video card and on the processor, so we’ll look at both options.

Mining on CPU:

I’m using xmr-stak-cpu, since this program outputs a hash more than the Claymore CPU.


First, open the folder with the miner and find the file “config”, then open it through a text editor (notepad, visual studio or any other).

Next we find the lines:

“pool_address” : “pool.karbowanec.com:3333”,
“wallet_address” : “KeWCNLDBWFPd1t9J14vJSgatjS5JkBuRaCoXnFuXhZimj8ifTDrRJeEDLk5nk4m2h5Y2vQWDF6PzBiikbvmUKMHH8CmHuAR”,
“pool_password” : “x”,

You need to change the value in the line “wallet_address” to the address of your wallet (which we found in the wallet in the receipt section).

After the changes, we save and run the xmr-stak-cpu file.

To display the hash, press the “h” key on the keyboard.

Should appear such a picture:

Mining on GPU:

On the video card you can use these xmr-stak-nvidia и xmr-stak-amd miners, they are configured the same way as for the processor.

But I’m using Claymore’s CryptoNote GPU Miner v9.7:

We configure it as follows:

Open the folder with the program and look for the file “start.bat”, if it is not there then create it using a text editor.

Then paste the code into it:

@echo off
@echo on

NsGpuCNMiner -o stratum+tcp://pool.karbowanec.com:3333 -u KdF8siCBp5Ygz46XygKRiKKW443pgCieUThP95jCcExoKA1ZrnxB26FJQ4bVD8ZxvW8cmaPr1EmoAgHgSuST4EXF4VupH7B -p x -a 4 -h 512 -retrydelay 4 -ftime 45 -dbg -1 -mport 0 -allpools 1


We replace our wallet and run the same file and the whole program is working. Should appear such a picture:

Now let’s check whether the work of our miners is displayed on the pool.

To do this, click on the “Пул” button in the top menu of the site.

On the next page, look for the inscription “Ваша статистика й історія виплат”, then insert the wallet address and click on the button “Перегляд”.

If the hasht is not displayed, wait for up to 18 minutes, if it does not, check the wallet address and the correct code.