Manual for ZenCash mining

ZenCash is a platform designed for private communications and private economic activity. In this article we will tell you how to mine this coin.



For this coin, exist several types of wallets, first on your local computer, second, on the currency exchange, for example Bittrex, third –web wallet etc.

If you want to install on computer, you must go to official site , and click on button “Get a wallet”.

Next, choose a wallet for your operating system. In my case, this is a wallet for Windows.

Now download wallet from “Github”.

After unpacking, run the file ZENCashDesktopGUIWallet.exe.

Next, find tab “Own addresses”.

Here is your address, which we use to configure mining program.

For web wallet for the wallet will return again to the official website, and choose link to Web Wallet.

Link direct us to to site, where we can create online wallet.

After click, you can see several confirmation options.

I choose secret phrase, for example you can write “ZenCash is best cryptocurrency”. And click to button “Generate wallet”.

After you can see a lot of addresses, you can choose anyone.

At last create wallet on cryptocurrency exchange – Bittrex. After registration, click on button “Wallet”.


Next, find field “Search” and write “Zencash”. After click on icon “plus”.

Click on button “New address”, and you will get it.


Now we will select a pool on which we will drop a coin. I suggest mine on or on the

First have:

  • Pool Current Hash Rate – 1.46 MS/s
  • Fee – 0%
  • Min. payout – 0.1 ZEN

Second have:

  • Pool Current Hash Rate – 2.44 MSol/s
  • Fee – 0.5%
  • Min. payout – 0.1 ZEN

We will configure the miner for the first pool.

Soft and its configuration


We will use Claymore’s ZCash AMD GPU Miner , you can download it from the developer’s link. Choose latest version.

In the downloaded folder we find the file “start.bat” and click edit it.

Next, insert that code into the file:

ZecMiner64.exe -zpool -zwal zniGcQDAZaAtHv9QNqWEbRPVfKyAQHMb5mf -zpsw x


  • – server
  • zniGcQDAZaAtHv9QNqWEbRPVfKyAQHMb5mf – your wallet addresses

Save, and run this file.

You will see that console window.

Don’t forget enable MSI Afterburner before mining.

For Nvidia GPU

We will use EWBF Miner , you need to configure the bat file. Therefore, in the downloaded folder we find the file fypool.bat and make changes there.

Paste next code in file:

miner.exe –server –port 9009 –user zniGcQDAZaAtHv9QNqWEbRPVfKyAQHMb5mf –pass x –pec – server
9009 – port
zniGcQDAZaAtHv9QNqWEbRPVfKyAQHMb5mf – address

Now, run that file.

You will see that console window.

Let`s check mining hash on pool. For that come to main page and find field “Enter your Zen address”.

Paste your address and click “Check status”, you will see that page:

That’s all, if miner have some errors again check code.