Mining Expanse: pool, soft, wallet

Crypto currency Expanse (EXP) is a for decentralized cryptographic platform for applications and contracts, which is based on Ethereum, and has the same algorithm Dagger-Hashimoto. In fact, the currency is controlled by a small organization, but the developers themselves declare that significant changes are made by the majority of votes of the community of miners and users of this currency. This in turn gives some stability to the currency.

Due to smart contracts and blockchain, the whole system is held by the users themselves. The currency counter is that the miners and ordinary users have the opportunity to evaluate new functions and modifications of Expanse, which directly affects the further development of the project.

Price online


I tried dwarfpool, but for some reason when checking the address for some reason it gives out a blank page so I switched to , sort of like the official pool, but I’m not sure. However, it works, so I’ll talk about setting up a miner for it.

Now you need to create wallet, before you start messing around with the program. There are two options for the first one to download a local wallet with the official website .

Another option is to use a purse on one of the exchanges, there are several of them I use the wallet on .

To create it, we first go to the menu in the top menu under the name Wallet.

Then in the search line we write the currency reduction – EXP. From the search will appear the name of the crypt, now you need to click on plus.

Next, we will have a window in which you need to click on the button “New adress”.


At the top of this window, an alphanumeric value appears, which is the number of your wallet.

Another pools:

Soft and configuration.

First, download the miner by the official link Claymore’s Dual Ethereum Miner .

After opening/creating a file in the root folder and call it start.bat, this can be done using any text editor, I use Visual studio code.

Now we insert the following line of code into it:

EthDcrMiner64.exe -epool stratum+tcp:// -ewal 0x711c8eb6f4da3d62c47d29d204adcb60ef4fc8ca -epsw x -eworker ig1 -allcoins 1

  • 0x711c8eb6f4da3d62c47d29d204adcb60ef4fc8ca – we substitute your wallet, which was created on the stock exchange
  • ig1 – workers name (may be anything for that pool).

Save and run the same file if the following window appears:

Miner works correctly.

Now we check on the pool, whether statistics were spilled, with the running miner, this should take few minutes (after the hash rate indication appeared). To do this, on the main page of the pool, enter your wallet number into the empty field.

If you see something like that, all works correctly. Congratulations!