Mininig Ethereum Classic: pool, soft, configuration


Ethereum Classic (ETC) is essentially the same original Ether, just a part of the developers team main currency quarreled with the other and came up with the idea to create its own Ether, only classic and while it is cheaper. In the rest, it is a cryptocurrency using the Dagger-Hashimoto algorithm and based on the technology of blockchain.

At the moment, this cryptocurrency is the fifth in the team offset with a capitalization of 1.634,327.236 USD. (July 5, 2017)

Online course


I liked the () pool, as they say simply and understandably, I still found a good pool with the done in the traditional design, it seems that it’s also not bad and the main thing is that it’s easy to understand.

Now we need to think about the wallet, of course it can be downloaded from the official site, but it weighs a lot GB, or you can do it differently and create it on the exchange, I use, but it’s not the largest, you can use poloniex or others.

To create a click on the tab in the upper right corner of Wallets, then in the search field, drive in etc and click on the plus sign next to the currency that appeared (as in the screenshot).

Now click on the “New address” button and generate the purse number that we use in the miner.


This address we use in miner.

Software and its configuration

First we need a miner, the best for the Ethereum and his forks is – Claymore’s Dual Ethereum Miner (official developers link) .

Download it to a directory convenient for you and then we need to create a bat file. For example, call it “start.bat”.

Next, open it with any text editor, for example – Notepad or  Visual studio code, and insert the following lines into the file:

EthDcrMiner64.exe -epool -ewal 0x7ae803aa37578bbf8308b2df46d9ab6b040a2e6f -eworker fatf9 -epsw x -allcoins 1

  • 0x7ae803aa37578bbf8308b2df46d9ab6b040a2e6f — address wallet.
  • fatf9 — rig`s name

Save and run the same file, if the program correctly earned it will show the following picture:

Now we check on the pool, whether it takes into account the work of our miner:

All is well means the miner earned, and the pool began to take into account his actions.